Saturday March 21st, 2015 22:50 The Marmite Experiment

DISCLOSURE/COPYRIGHT/IMPORTANTSTUFF – After watching “Understanding Teenage Boys” by Charlie McDonnell, me and my friend Beth had the brilliant thought of breaking the law (kind of) and add Marmite to Water. As you can clearly see, we failed. At the end of the video however you see that we gained some sort of reaction; while editing/checking the video Charle made, I discovered that this was the wrong type of reaction to the one seen on Charlie’s video. So Charlie/Charlie fans if you’re watching this – PLEASE DO NOT HURT US! We are massive coollike fans and didn’t want to discredit Charlie as a troll/squid of anger/lier/fake person thing. We do infact love him. I have now realised that Charlie may be reading this… Marmite have nothing to do with this; they haven’t paid us, told us to make this video… Anything! Personally, I love Marmite though Beth can’t stand it so you lovely folk have a mixed view and Marmite in itself. And lastly if you liked or watched this video please check out the links below 🙂 Understanding Teenage Boys: My friend Beth:

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