Saturday June 11th, 2016 09:54 The Importance of Efficient Bond Cleaning in Brisbane

When you lease or rent a property, be it a residential or commercial property or a long or short term let, you will be required to pay a bond or deposit. The bond is payable as a cash sum, usually equivalent to one or two calendar month’s rent, and is returnable at the end of the lease on the condition that the property is handed over in the same condition as it was given. When your tenancy is coming to an end, in order to ensure that you are in receipt of your bond, you will employ bond cleaning, this being either taken out by yourself or by someone of your choice.

Bond cleaning has earned its name as it is a cleaning process that is specific to the end of a rental or lease agreement, and one that is carried out in order to enable you to receive your deposit. When you lease a property you will always sign some type of tenancy agreement when you are first handed over the keys. Many tenancy agreements do seem to be unnecessarily long, but it really is important that you take time to read them in detail and make sure of what you are signing.

Sometimes, only a proportion of the money you give when signing the tenancy will be returned to you, the rest being kept as administration fees and charges for carrying out credit checks. You need to always check exactly what you are signing, and read the small print; this way you will be able to understand just how much of the deposit is be returned to you after bond cleaning, and just what exactly you need to do in order to ensure your deposit is returned in full.

While taking over your property, it should be clean and everything should be in working order; you will in fact sign to this effect. So, what this means in turn is that you are aware of just how the property should be left at the end of your tenancy. If you have broken furniture or failed to report or fix faulty items during your stay in the accommodation, even if you employ the very best bond cleaner, you should still expect to have some money from the bond kept. Other reasons you may not be entitled to the whole bond are if you are not up to date with utilities or communal charge bills. For bond cleaning Brisbane, make sure you get a quote from Family Clean in Brisbane.

When it is time for your tenancy to cease, you can choose between doing the bond cleaning yourself or indeed employing an individual or firm to carry out the task for you. Professional bond cleaners expect the high standards required for return of deposits and by employing only the best you can be assured that as long as your whole inventory is correct and that your bills are up to date, you will be given back your bond in full.

It is therefore very important that you arrange for your bond cleaning in advance; especially if you have a large home this really is not something you will want to tackle by yourself. By scouring your local pages or the Internet you’ll be able to locate the best bond cleaning service for your local area. Prices for this service are very competitive, but you need to remember that when you are going to invite people into your home you should always carry out some research on the firm or individual you wish to use; this way you will be ensured only the very best and professional results.

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