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Stone veneer is a modern way to decorate the walls of a building. The stone veneer cladding offers a stylish method adopted by architects to impart a dynamic look to a lifeless construction. This is mostly used for visual purposes and has a long life. The elegance and simplicity of stone veneer provides homeowners, architects, builders and developers with a versatility and flexibility to be more to imaginative. Stone veneer is also effectively used in yards and complementing the natural beauty of the open spaces as well.

Stone Veneer acts as a ornamental and protecting covering on exterior as well interior walls and surfaces. The veneer is typically one inch thick; it is lighter in weight and weighs about 15 lbs. / sq. ft. It does not need any extra structural support for its installation.

Stone Veneer is mostly made from natural stones. It can also be produced from manufactured stones. The natural stone veneer is manufactured from stone, which is collected from quarries or as field stone. The stone is then sawn working with huge diamond impregnated cutters equally spaced to get the slices of the stone in a consistent heavyness and weight. This stone is also known as “thin stone veneer”.

Besides the natural stone veneer, manufacture stone veneer is also a decorative constructing material. It is produced to imitate the appearance of natural stone. There are several titles used for this type of veneer. The stacked stone veneer, artificial stone veneer, manufactured stone veneer and flexible stone veneer are various leaders used for stone veneer.

Stone veneer is produced by mixing a lightweight concrete mix to rubber molds of different type. These are painted with a coloring process to make them look like the real stone. one more method to make stone veneer is by casting and molding it from chemically modified lightweight concrete. Stone veneer is actually a replica of natural stone. It takes the finest details of the original stone. At a shut look, the artificial stone veneers appear just like original stones.

The stone veneer is mostly used as a siding on the walls. It can be fixed on the walls working with distinctive good quality mortars for highest adhesion and strength. flexible stone veneer is manufactured by slicing a thin part of a stone. It is then backed by some composite material. It can be produced in a variety of designs and colors utilizing different stones. The manufactured stone veneer is more affordable than natural stone veneer and there is the least amount of wastage in its use.

Manufactured stone veneer costs almost 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of employing natural stone. simply because of the lightweight of the manufactured stone veneer, there is no need for wall ties or any footings. It can make the construction easier and Thus decreases the cost. There is a vast variety of designs, patterns and colors available on manufactured options as compared to the natural stone since the natural stone is generally used in the area close to where it is extracted due to the huge transportation rates.

Manufactured stone veneer is relatively less strong as compared to natural stone rock walls, but many applications do not call for higher strength as visuals is a more important issue in many cases. Stone veneer is also not reusable like natural stones.

Stone veneer provides the natural look of the stones at inexpensive prices. Stone veneers are preferred these days for most of ornamental facing in constructings and open spaces.

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