Tuesday May 24th, 2011 11:32 OSU Science Pub: Earthquakes – Learning from the disasters in Chile and Haiti

The massive earthquake that rocked central Chile on Feb. 28 was similar in many respects to what scientists say we might expect from “the big one” that has been predicted for some time for Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. How was Chile able to survive such a major event with relatively little loss of life, compared to the death toll of the much smaller earthquake in Haiti only weeks before? And why are we seeing so much earthqu…ake activity in 2010? Scott Ashford, Ph.D., head of the OSU School of Civil and Construction Engineering and an expert in earthquake and coastal engineering, was part of a recent expedition to Chile coordinated by the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute and supported by the National Science Foundation. Along with scientists from leading Chilean universities, UC Berkeley, John Hopkins, Stanford and other organizations, Ashford surveyed damage, helped to preserve perishable information and examined Chilean efforts to mitigate effects of such a quake. He and other EERI colleagues are examining their findings now, as part of the “Learning from Earthquakes” program that has been underway since 1973. A 1983 graduate of the OSU College of Engineering, Ashford earned his Ph.D. from Berkeley and spent more than a decade on the faculty of UC San Diego before accepting his current position at OSU in 2007. His recognized expertise in seismic activity includes research in the interaction between soil, foundations and the buildings they support. Faculty

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