Tuesday April 7th, 2015 12:05 Hay – New South Wales

Located near the impressive Murrumbidgee River in idyllic South Western NSW, the Riverina township of Hay has grown from its modest origins in the Gold Rush era to an important agricultural and transportation nexus and popular tourist attraction. Combining natural beauty, historical significance and important Australian industry, the Hay Shire includes both the town of Hay as well as the villages of Booligal, Maude and One Tree. The great saltbrush plains of Hay are home to one of Australia’s leading wool growing and sheep meat producing areas, as well as cattle ranches and various agricultural outputs such as pumpkin and watermelon.

Also around Hay are the Riverine Forest, Grey Box Woodlands and Native Scrublands, home to a substantial amount of famous Australian fauna, such as Kangaroos and Echidnas. The plains of Hay have provided ideal living conditions for human settlement going back to the Nari Nari Aboriginal community who inhabited the area. White settlement started with the founding of four squatter pastures, growing into a community funded by trade with the stockmen and riverboats who traversed Langs Crossing.

Along with the construction of a hotel, post office and courthouse, Hay grew substantially with the famous Cobb and Co making Hay their base of operations for Victoria and the Riverina, including the largest stagecoach workshop outside of Sydney. Growing tenfold in population, Hay was later depopulated due to virtually every adult male volunteering for service in World War I, of which 1/6 were did not make it back. Hay’s population would later be doubled after the thousands of war prisoners and refugees held in the area during World War II were released and later resettled in Hay. Still a rural agricultural town, Hay recognizes and celebrates its history and natural beauty with a number of locations and establishments that cater to tourists and locals alike.

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