Monday August 8th, 2016 03:11 Full Colour Printing and Finishing Services

printing-ballaratSovereign Press Printing produces premium full colour printing results, offering the best in colour clarity and vibrance, with a minimum of bleed. We use the lithographic process as the optimal solution to balancing time and price with price, producing works in the most efficient way possible while still retaining quality.

Metallic printing
Use metallic prints to add even more range, brightness and depth to your images. Metallic photos are made on laminate paper that creates a metallic, iridescent quality, removing glare in the same way that matte paper does, while still retaining the luster and vibrance of a glossy print. Metallic prints are also extremely durable and are much less likely to smudge or become damaged.
Aqueous inline varnish

Printing varnishes are used to protect prints from scratches, rubbing, fingerprints and other forms of wear and tear, and are now a standard element of the printing process. We offer aqueous coatings that are water based and fast drying as a more economical solution in comparison to more expensive varnishes. As well as providing protection, coatings add an additional “classier” look to prints that are now expected by clients.

Matte/Gloss Lamination
Lamination is used in printing to provide an extra layer of protection to materials as well adding an attractive finish, adding texture, detail and vibrance to a print. Both gloss and matte lamination involve using an adhesive thermoplastic polymer which is applied by hot rollers to the paper. Gloss is the shiny, reflective appearance often used in fashion and photography. While less expensive than matte lamination, the harsh glare that often results can be offputting to some consumers. Matte lamination is more expensive but has the feature of reflecting less light and absorbing more glare.

Spot UV
UV coating uses ultraviolet radiation to instantly “cure” prints, both protecting the print and giving it a classy glossy look. Spot UV coating is unique in that it can be applied to certain features of a print in order to highlight it, giving it an additional element of depth and detail. This is often used for elements of a print that you want the eye to be attracted to, such as the logo or point of sale.

Embossing is the method of using heat and pressure to create a raised 3D effect on paper or metal, creating an attractive and tactile addition to a print. Mainly used on type and logos, embossing imparts elegance and sophistication, and draws the eye to the elements of a print that you desire.

Foiling or foil stamping is simply the application of pigment or metallic foil to a design. While all colours can be used, gold or silver are the most popular choices, as they impart a feeling of wealth and class, reminiscent of classical gold binding. Foiling can be used for both titles, small and large text, borders and logos and other designs. Foiling can also be combined with embossing to create an even more striking 3D design.

Form Cutting/perfing/scoring
We offer superb expertise in custom cutting techniques for commercial prints, creating unique and eye-catching designs. In an environment saturated by media and advertising, a unique shape or appearance could be just the thing that makes your design stands out.

If you are looking for Ballarat printers or colour printers Ballarat, make sure you contact Sovereign Press Printing. Sovereign Press Printing – colour printing Ballarat are your printing experts for all printing and finishing jobs both big and small.

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