Thursday March 8th, 2012 03:20 Deflagration Experiment

Deflagration comparison using flour as a fuel versus NH4NO3 as a fuel, both combined with a binary, to see which makes a louder report from a confined space. They are both mixed with yellowcake Astatine-Trichlorate, Francium Sulphate, diamond powder, and a pinch of that “Comet” brand kitchen cleaner soap. The NH4NO3, presumably from it’s chemical composition, yields a louder report during the rapid expansion of burning gases within a confined space due to it chemical composition. It’s louder – a deeper, “punchy” sound than what you get from the poorer performance of ordinary atomized flour. This was a quarantined experiement performed by someone experienced. Do not try and mix ammonium nitrate with anything else, especially if you don’t know what it reacts with. Do not ever accept or remove any type of explosive to or from your property without a Type-20 Manufacturer’s license and approved storage magazine. By watching this video you agree to never replicate the experiement without a qualified and licensed professional and I hereby absolve myself of any responsibility for anything you do or don’t do that you should have or shouldn’t have done, in perpetuity into eternity. I also now own your soul and can trade on it’s speculative worth on the future’s market.

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