Saturday August 19th, 2017 19:59 Daniel Howes: Science Center may get new life

The rumored demise of the Detroit Science Center, shuttered since September, may not be as certain as an ominous foreclosure notice suggests.

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    Saturday August 19th, 2017 07:55 African-American Science Bloggers, Writers, and Tweeters

    I’m still continuing my crusade to shine the spotlight on Top STEM Professionals of Color . Today, I’m sharing my list (and hyperlinks) of African-American Science Bloggers, Writers, and Tweeters. And I’m doing this in conjunction with the announcements of the 2012 Black Weblog Award categories . It’s a nice spread of categories and I am happy to announce that there are two categories for …

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      Friday August 18th, 2017 19:51 Good Cholesterol: US Researchers Reveal the Probable Effect of HDL on the Heart in Diabetic Patients

      According to various science news reports on October 7, good cholesterol, also called HDL (High Density Lipoprotein,) may lower the risk of heart attack in Type 2 diabetic patients. Reportedly, a study in Portland, Oregon conducted by Gregory Nichols et al at the Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research, and published in The American Journal of Cardiology has indicated the findings.

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        Friday August 18th, 2017 07:48 Stanford quits New York competition for new engineering school

        Stanford University has pulled out of the high-stakes competition to build a new engineering and applied science school in New York City after negotiations with officials there failed, administrators of the California campus announced Friday.

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          Thursday August 17th, 2017 19:44 Michelle the Evil Chemist

          Michelle doing her Chemistry experiement for class and I was hassling her.

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            Thursday August 17th, 2017 07:38 Applied Science – 311 – RB2 Drum Custom

            Charted/compiled by TheLieInKing. This song is batshit insane and definitely among the most difficult customs.

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            Wednesday August 16th, 2017 19:35 New nurses embark on road to careers

            Nursing is a science. It even says so in the title of the two-year degree awarded at Cayuga Community College — associate in applied science.

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            Wednesday August 16th, 2017 07:34 Peabody, Gillette College team up on program

            The Associated Press The Associated Press GILLETTE, Wyo. Dozens of students are taking courses Gillette College to learn to be electricians at coal mines in northeast Wyoming. The course is free and the students are already on the payroll of Peabody Energy Corp. They are in a special program under which they can earn accelerated associate of applied science degrees and agree to work for the …

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              Tuesday August 15th, 2017 19:31 Invisible Sentinel Establishes Pilot Manufacturing Facility at the University City Science Center in Preparation for …

              PHILADELPHIA — Invisible Sentinel Inc., a life sciences company that develops rapid diagnostics for the detection of foodborne pathogens, has established a pilot manufacturing program at the University …

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                Tuesday August 15th, 2017 07:28 Chemistry experiments 2

                The second instalment of various chemistry experiments preformed by me and other chemists.

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