Wednesday August 9th, 2017 18:50 On campus: Sun Post-Herald

Peter Chmielecki received a bachelor of science in applied science degree in criminal justice bachelor’s from Youngstown State University.

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    Wednesday August 9th, 2017 06:48 L’Oreal USA Announces Recipients of 2011 For Women In Science Fellowships

    Five Women Scientists Recognized for Breakthrough Research

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      Tuesday August 8th, 2017 18:45 24/7-365 River Pollution Monitoring Now Possible With Technological Breakthrough by Atlas Scientific

      Atlas Scientific is proud to release it’s new pollution monitoring technology which brings water security into the 21st century.Rockland County, NY (PRWEB) July 28, 2011 The days when companies could secretly dump pollutants into rivers has come to an end. Groundbreaking new technology developed by Atlas Scientific now makes it possible for towns and municipalities to embedded thousands of …

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        Tuesday August 8th, 2017 06:37 Science questions 'stump parents'

        With more children into science and maths, parents are increasingly feeling left behind, suggests a survey.

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          Monday August 7th, 2017 18:32 Scientific Breakthrough: Mixed-Embryo Monkeys

          The first mixed-embryo monkeys were born yesterday, and this is a major stepping stone in medical research. The monkeys were born in a lab in Western Oregon by the combining cells from six different embryos, BBC reports. What is significant …

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            Sunday August 6th, 2017 18:27 UK invests in graphene technology

            The UK government pledges £50m to develop spin-off technologies from the super-strong material graphene.

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              Sunday August 6th, 2017 06:20 FMU looks to develop more applied science programs

              FLORENCE, S.C. — This week the leadership of Francis Marion University has been planning the institution’s future, which could include several new applied science programs and some new facilities to house them.

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                Saturday August 5th, 2017 18:17 NBC News, NBC Sports and National Science Foundation launch 'Science of NHL Hockey'

                ( National Science Foundation ) NBC News' educational arm, NBC Learn, and the NBC Sports Group recently teamed up with the National Hockey League and National Science Foundation to release "Science of NHL Hockey"–an informative 10-part video series exploring the science behind the fastest game on ice.

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                  Saturday August 5th, 2017 06:11 Science Writing at Johns Hopkins

                  The graduate program in science writing at Johns Hopkins is housed along with the highly-ranked graduate programs in fiction and poetry in The Writing Seminars. So the science writing at Hopkins focuses not only on balanced and substantive reporting, but also on the craft and quality of writing. The program, which began in the early 1980′s, is now taught by Ann Finkbeiner and David Grimm. The …

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                    Friday August 4th, 2017 18:07 Cannabis Science (OTCBB: CBIS) Expanding West Into California

                    NEW YORK, NY– – Cannabis Science, Inc. , a pioneering US biotech company developing pharmaceutical cannabis products, has announced it has entered final negotiations to bring Cannabis Science brand of …

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