Wednesday February 12th, 2014 20:55 Blue Bottle Reaction ( Chemistry Experiment )

This is the chemistry experiment which is using glucose , sodium hydroxide , methylene blue water. Explanations (including important chemical equations): The color change results from the reversible oxidation-reduction reaction of the methylene blue indicator. In alkaline solutions, glucose is oxidized to D-gluconic acid or alpha-D-gluconolacctone HOCH2(CHOH)4CHO + 3 OH – — HOCH2(CHOH)4CO2 + 2 H2O + 2 e – In the course of this reaction, methylene blue is reduced from the blue (oxidized) form to the colorless (reduced) form. Shaking the flask dissolves O2 in the solution, which oxidizes the indicator back to the blue (oxidized) form.

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