Monday July 7th, 2014 17:49 Abiogenesis: Miller-Urey and Orgel

A clip from the groundbreaking “Ascent of Man” documentary from the BBC, which discusses experiments and other theories surrounding abiogenesis, and contains a dramatization of the Miller-Urey experiment, and actual photos/clips from Orgel’s experiments. The experiments: Miller-Urey Orgel Despite the controversy surrounding the results of these experiments, the fact remains that they indeed did produce various amino acids, including adenine, in the case of the Orgel experiments. Also of note is that this series was produced in 1973, and even more compelling information has of course come to light. New techniques were used recently (2008) on the vials of results of the Miller-Urey experiment, and found that 22 amino acids were created in that experiment, instead of the 5 that Miller was able to isolate. News article here: More information: The Ascent of Man, while dated, is an EXCELLENT documentary, and I highly recommend watching the entire series.

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